It’s a…

So as I said in my last blog, we finally had our gender reveal & it was absolutely perfect, thanks to my wonderful grandparents!

Our theme was baseballs or bows & all the decorations were just stunning!

We’re sooo excited & happy to announce that we’re having a sweet baby boy 💙 I have 2 sisters & 2 nieces, so I think it surprised everyone when we found out it was a boy!

& a huge shoutout to my brother in law for being the giant blow up baby! Everything was seriously so perfect & I can’t thank my family & friends enough for that. 💙


My Testimony

I want to start by saying the following content includes a lot of Jesus talk so if you want to stop reading, by all means stop. But I’d be lying if I said I’ve gotten this far on my own.

I’ve always gone to church & listened to Christian music & I’ve always considered myself a Christian. I really THOUGHT I knew, but I never really knew what trusting Jesus with my whole life actually felt like, until now. When you’re laying in a hospital bed, lifeless, you really get to thinking. & when your faith is all you have left, you hold on for dear life & you run with it. & I wanna encourage everyone reading that Jesus has really changed my life & my perspective & He can change yours too! & I want everyone reading to know that you can always look me up on Facebook if you have any questions or just need someone to talk to. I may be young but I’ve been through a lot & it helps to talk to someone who understands.

Before I got sick, I thought I had everything I could ever want. I had a few really good friends, I was in love with my best friend & I thought I had a really good relationship with my family. But after I got sick, I only had a few people text me or come see me & I’ve found some really good friendships in my therapists & nurses that I know will last a lifetime. My relationship with my husband is incredibly strong now, not that it wasn’t before, but we’ve faced some really tough trials & came out on the other side! Oh & we’re pregnant!! I can’t stress enough how great God is y’all. & we find out what we’re having this weekend & of course, I’ll tell y’all all about it! & last but certainly not least, my family is closer than ever now. For those of y’all who don’t know me, my mom & I have always been sooo close. But now, it’s just crazy how close we are. I never in my life imagined being any closer with my mom than we already were, but we are now. She’s literally my best friend.

That’s just my story & I owe everything I’ve ever been through to Jesus Christ & I will always stand by that! A lot of people would look at what I’ve been through & feel sorry for me but never ever feel sorry for me because what I’ve been through has 1)magnified my faith 2)strengthened my relationships with my husband & my family & 3)grown our family. I shouldn’t be alive right now & instead I have a baby growing inside of me & I get the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my family every day, something I took for granted before I got sick. So for those of you who think believing in Jesus is ridiculous, always remember my story. I’m living, breathing proof that believing in Jesus is NOT nor will ever be ridiculous. I really & truly believe that my faith in Jesus Christ is the reason I’m alive today.


Happy New Years Y’all 💥

Despite everything that’s happened to me this year, God has shown me just how amazing He has been to me throughout the year!! Here are just a couple reasons why:

1. He gave me another chance at life! At the beginning of this year, my cerebellum (the part of my brain that controls all of my motor skills) was so swollen, the doctors were planning my death. Once they realized that the steroids they were giving me were helping the swelling, they went from my death to me having brain surgery to reduce the swelling even further. Now, one year later, I like to think of myself as a walking, talking miracle (glory to God)!

2. My marriage grew stronger than I could ever even imagine! Although we’ve only been married for a little over a year, my husband has been absolutely amazing through all of this! I’ve never met someone so understanding in my life. So if you’re reading this baby, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

3. My relationship with my mama grew unimaginably. I never in my life thought I’d ever be closer to my mom than I once was but now, all I can say is wow. At 23 years old, I’m not ashamed at all to say my mom is my very best friend! Mom, if you’re reading this, never ever forget how much I love you & how grateful I am for you!

4. Last but certainly not least, I’ve met the most amazing people through all of this. Even though it was under the worst circumstances, God gave me the best therapists & nurses in the whole world! I’ll be forever grateful for y’all & I just wanna say thank y’all. I couldn’t have done any of this without y’all!

Although 2018 was a year full of emence struggles, I believe that 2019 will be a year full of great triumphs! & never ever forget how amazing God is, no matter what you’re going through.

Until next time,


Taylor Montes- The Comeback Girl


The Comeback: When it all Started

When I was 22 years old, after transitioning from a personal trainer to a pre-K teacher, I got really sick. I was only at my new job for three days when I caught the flu from a kid. I used to workout ever day & that day, January 24th, I felt especially weak.

The next day, January 25th, I called into work because I just couldn’t get outta bed. I was running a really bad fever & I had a really bad headache. My husband had to take me to a local clinic because I felt so sick I couldn’t drive. I remember waiting FOREVER & felt so bad I just slouched in my chair & fell asleep.

When they finally called me back, they drew some blood & made me pee in a cup. We waited even longer in the room than we did in the waiting room. When they finally came in, they told me it wasn’t the flu and they sent me back home with antibiotics. I had a really bad feeling about this, something wasn’t adding up. I felt absolutely terrible, I couldn’t keep anything down, I was running a horrible fever, & I was starting to feel weaker by the minute but I wasn’t “sick enough” to call it the flu. I’ve never felt so sick in my life.

After going home, my symptoms just got worse. I got really weak (I can’t say that enough), I was vomiting every five minutes & my fever spiked. My husband got me to drink some electrolytes & I couldn’t even keep that down. I ended up having to go to the emergency room that evening around 5ish.

We had to wait there for two hours, being sick that felt like an eternity. I just remember laying on my husband’s lap & falling asleep. When they finally called me back (around 7ish), they asked for my date of birth & took my vitals, my temperature was at 101. They put me in my own little room & hooked me up to an IV to get fluids because I was really dehydrated. They also gave medicine for nausea. As my temperature was going down, I had like seven or eight seizures (it got really bad). They ran a flu test & it came back positive, but all they could really do was give me medicine for that & send me home.

When I finally got back home, despite the medicine I was taking, my symptoms just got worse & worse. The weaknesses turned into a loss of balance & then not being able to walk at all. The headaches turn into slurred speech. I still couldn’t keep anything down & my fever was still pretty high.

I had two visits to the emergency room and the next one would end up being a longer stay than just a night…

Until next time,


Taylor Montes- The Comeback Girl 💜


Words From a Great Coach

Taylor Vines

by BV Gonzalez

When I first saw Taylor Vines play softball…, I knew she was the kind of player that could change a team. I’m not impressed very often when it comes to players, teams, or coaches.

There are very very few people in the game that impress me. Taylor did not impress me as a player, she did not impress me as a performer, but where she blew me away was with her energy, her effort, her focus, and her positive vibes and attitude. She was small but fast…

and her desire to learn and improve was faster and stronger than she was. I have had great players that were good kids, with beautiful hearts and wonderful personalities before.

Many kids like that, but Taylor’s energy was different…, It was Turbo Super Charged, and the effort that poured out of her at practice and training inspired everyone around her including me.

I had to give her the nickname of “Crackbaby”, because she never slowed down even when she was out of gas! She would just sigh, take a deep breath and Bammm… She was off at full speed again. I literally sweated and got tired watching her go !!!

After getting to know Taylor as a person, away from the game, she impressed me as a kind hearted, loving, respectful young lady. My family immediately fell in love with her, My wife RosaElia enjoyed her company and loved having her over all those nights when she was training.

My son even had his 1st crush on Taylor. I remember him telling me…“Dad she is so Beautiful and so So Nice”. Lol, Indeed Taylor is a Great Looking Young Lady, but what makes her so Lovable is her genuine love and respect for people. (Great Job Mom)

I remember, Our team was playing at the Hall of Fame Qualifier in Temple, Tx. We were in the Championship Game with 2 outs in the 7th inning, all we needed was 1 more out to win the qualifier and head to Oklahoma City and play in the National Hall of Fame Championships.

There was a foul ball hit toward the left field foul fence behind 3rd base. I jumped off of the bucket and kept yelling “Go get it”. Taylor was at short stop and she flew like a rocket and made a diving backhand Championship winning catch… I jumped up like 3ft up in the air and ran out on to the field to celebrate. Great memories with great people sacrificing much of themselves to achieve greatly with others.

Our Angel team was despised by many in our area, and kids from Midland like Taylor were chastised for playing on this team. They came to understand that daring to be great often comes with much ridicule and hate. She took it in stride and continued to work hard and improve her game.

In Houston one year at the Ronald McDonald Showcase, Taylor made play after play, stole some bases, and saved some pitcher’s butts with her great defense.

The more I saw her play, the more special she became. One of our last tournaments, We played in Oklahoma City, where we were struggling vs some great competition.

We had lost our 1st two games and going into bracket play, We needed a win and while we were getting ready to play a powerhouse of a team, everyone’s confidence was shaken. Taylor proceed to make 10 outstanding plays, one right after another in crucial situations to get us out of innings.

Coming up to bat she delivered a line drive single to leftfield, which got our 2, 3, and 4th hitters going and We beat one of the strongest teams there going away, by a score of 5-1. Her competitive spirit ignited us and carried us to Victory in that big game.

Sadly, I didn’t get to watch too many of her college games but I did make a few and she amazed me on how she just continued her amazing out put of energy and effort.

Taylor Vines became Taylor Montes and her husband seems to be a great young man. We don’t get to see her much anymore, but when I heard of her illness, We prayed and prayed and the Good Lord has blessed her with another day and more and more of a future. Taylor still has a way to go and I am so thankful that she is getting better.

My family and I went to her birthday party at the hotel in lubbock and I honestly didn’t know how bad off she was, until then. Most people would have given up…, but not Taylor…, She Impressed me on how great of an inspiration she is to anyone who knows her and I honestly don’t know how she does it because most people just don’t know how hard it is to get back up, when you can’t physically do it …

It’s like asking a person to fly …

Well people just can’t fly…

Everyone knows that you can’t fly, so why try? Taylor is the type of person that is flying right before our eyes and although it’s very hard and painful for her to do, She is doing it because God chose her for this trial and she delivering a Godly Testimonial and so for one, I am listening and praising the strength of her faith, and We all can learn from it and be inspired by her Angelic Courage.

God Bless You Taylor and please know that when you feel alone and down…, and you feel that no one cares,

That you have many people behind you, that support you, love you, and here for you. Sometimes people don’t want to intrude or wear out their welcome, so they stay away. Just know that any time you need a friend or a shoulder, You have an Army of Angels on call…

I love You Crackbaby!

BV Gonzalez


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽

Since today is Thanksgiving, I decided to write about some of the things I am most thankful for.

First & foremost, for my husband. We’ve had such a tough first year of marriage but he stuck by my side & loved me through the good, the bad & the ugly. & for that, I’ll be forever grateful. We’ve been through it all & we’ve only been married for a year 😭

For my mama. She’s been so patient & helpful through all this. She always has & always will take such good care of me. She drives me to therapy & takes care of me while my husband is at work.

For my amazing family & friends. I couldn’t have gotten through this past year without all the love & support.

So thanks to everyone & know that I am very thankful for y’all. I love y’all 💜

Until next time,

Taylor Montes-The Comeback Girl


The Comeback: Me, Myself & I

To understand my journey you need to know my past. My name is Taylor Montes. I’m a 23-year-old Woman of God who loves the Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Ravens and Yeyo (my husband). I was born in San Diego, California but I was raised in a small town in Texas called Midland. Midland is a little bitty town in Texas right between El Paso & Dallas (hence the name Midland). Growing up, there wasn’t very much to do, so that helped me focus on what I loved to do, play softball. I even had a personal trainer, Bv (Bee-VEE), he helped with my speed, batting & fielding. Training was really hard & really tiring, but it worked wonders. I remember my days like this: waking up, going to school, going to practice, going to train & going to bed. I did that 5 days a week for 4 years (sometimes all 7 days), talk about exhausting.

I’ll start with talking about my wonderful husband. We met in Laredo (further explained later in this blog) & moved back to Midland when I was done with school. He’s been the most supportive person throughout all of this (besides my mama, of course). So we met at FCA when I was playing softball at TAMIU, he literally came to every single one of my games. What can I say, he was my good luck charm. We dated for about a year before we were engaged for three months ( yes, I said three months, the wedding planning was hectic!) & we’ve been married for a little over a year. We just celebrated our first anniversary on September 23rd. 💜

(Me-left, My Husband-right)

I owe everything I’ve ever accomplished to my mama. She spent countless nights going over plays with me & the days I didn’t have practice, you could always find her playing a simple game of catch with me. I’m even a Chicago Cubs fan because of her. For my 21st birthday, she took me to my first Cubs game. Then when they made it to the World Series (2016) we drove all the way to Chicago (17 hours) just for the weekend & to watch ONE game. Grant it, they lost all 3 games we went to (between my 21st & the World Series), but it was a really cool experience.

(My Mom-left, Me-right, us driving to Chicago)

I played high school softball for the best coach ever, Coach Vines, at Midland High School (pups up). My high school experience wasn’t like most (skipping class & acting out). No, mine was strictly softball honestly because I was so terrified that Coach Vines would somehow find out if I skipped class or acted out. I was NOT about to compromise my playing time. She was so hard on us at practice but now I know why, because she saw potential. We were so good, we were district champions 3 out of the 4 years I was there. That’s where I met my best friend, Courtney Warren, she was the catcher & I was the 2nd baseman. In high school, Court & I were inseparable. When we weren’t at practice, she was at my house or vise versa. She knew everything there is to know about me & I about her. One time, during batting practice, Court took her helmet off so fast, one of her front tooth fell out, it was hilarious. We were looking for it for hours 😂

(Coach Vines-left, Me-middle, Little Sister Chloe)

(Me-left, Courtney Warren-right)

For as long I can remember, I dreamt of playing college ball. So when I got the opportunity to play college ball at Odessa College, I knew that all of those early mornings with Bv & all the times I wanted to quit had finally paid off. I spent those 2 years so focused on softball, I forgot to have fun. I had weights at 6am, sometimes 5am, then class starting at 8am, then practice starting at 3pm (eat,sleep & repeat). We would usually get done with practice around 6pm. All I really remember about junior college is softball. My freshman year, we went to nationals in Utah. We only got 5th place but it was a reallly fun experience. My sophomore year we didn’t make it to nationals but we were still pretty dang good. Once I got a taste of college ball, I didn’t wanna stop. It was like a drug & I was addicted, so I started to email coaches. My top 2 choices were Texas A&M International University (Laredo) & Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls), both 4 year colleges in Texas.The coach from TAMIU seemed a lot more interested, so I chose to go there.

(Me playing for Odessa College)

What started as a college visit, ended with me falling head over heals in love with the campus (palm trees everywhere 😍). Coming from somewhere like Midland, that was a huge deal. The only downfall was, it was soooo dang hot! Like scorching, unbearably hot. But I had no idea until I lived there, then it was too late (kidding, but not really). I’ll never forget, one morning it was so humid, I walked out of my apartment & my glasses got so foggy I couldn’t even see. But Laredo was so good to me so can’t complain (too much). I met my bestest friends there & my husband. There, not only was I involved with softball (obviously), but I got involved with FCA (fellowship of Christian athletes). For TAMIU, I played 3rd base, left fielthe d, & right field. Pretty much where ever they put me. I broke the single game & the single-season record. Not trying to be cocky or anything but I was pretty fast. One time, I hit the game-winning hit 💁🏻‍♀️.

(Me playing for TAMIU)

After TAMIU, we came back to Midland & I worked with the best team at FTP (Firm Training Programs). There, I was a personal trainer & trained the 12:15 pm, 4:45 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:15 pm & the 7 pm class. Talk about the best job ever! I became really close with some of my clients & even closer with my amazing coworkers & boss (John Mark). We would have competitions & the winner would get a prize. Like one time, we had a 6-week competition called The Little Black Dress Project, & whoever lost the most body fat in 6 weeks would win a Carribean Cruise for 2. It was really cool. After leaving FTP, I became a kindergarten teacher. That’s when, what I thought was the flu, ended up turning my whole life around.

Until next time,


Taylor Montes-The Comeback Girl