Hey Y’all & Welcome :-)

Welcome to the launch of my new website The Comeback Girl & to my very first blog post. My name is Taylor Montes & I’m so very excited to share all my thoughts & all of my deepest, darkest secrets with y’all (kinda kidding, kinda not). Here, I’m gonna tell y’all all about why I started this blog in the first place & what y’all should be expecting in my following blog posts.



(My Loves, My Whole Life, My Nieces. Alaina-3 & Olivia-1)

Since I can remember I’ve wanted to share my story, & what better way to do it than writing blogs? Eventually, I wanna write a book but that will be later down the road. I started this blog because I wish to inspire & encourage you readers. I wanted a way to share my story & how it has changed not only me, but the people around me as well. & thanks to the help of my amazing husband, we made all of that happen.

My hopes are that y’all can take out as much reading this as I did experiencing it. With that being said, that bings me to my last subject, what y’all should expect in my following blogs. Expect a lot about myself, my sickness that I overcame, & random miscellaneous things. Thank you for reading & again, welcome to my blog.

Until next time,


Taylor Montes-The Comeback Girl