The Comeback: When it all Started

When I was 22 years old, after transitioning from a personal trainer to a pre-K teacher, I got really sick. I was only at my new job for three days when I caught the flu from a kid. I used to workout ever day & that day, January 24th, I felt especially weak.

The next day, January 25th, I called into work because I just couldn’t get outta bed. I was running a really bad fever & I had a really bad headache. My husband had to take me to a local clinic because I felt so sick I couldn’t drive. I remember waiting FOREVER & felt so bad I just slouched in my chair & fell asleep.

When they finally called me back, they drew some blood & made me pee in a cup. We waited even longer in the room than we did in the waiting room. When they finally came in, they told me it wasn’t the flu and they sent me back home with antibiotics. I had a really bad feeling about this, something wasn’t adding up. I felt absolutely terrible, I couldn’t keep anything down, I was running a horrible fever, & I was starting to feel weaker by the minute but I wasn’t “sick enough” to call it the flu. I’ve never felt so sick in my life.

After going home, my symptoms just got worse. I got really weak (I can’t say that enough), I was vomiting every five minutes & my fever spiked. My husband got me to drink some electrolytes & I couldn’t even keep that down. I ended up having to go to the emergency room that evening around 5ish.

We had to wait there for two hours, being sick that felt like an eternity. I just remember laying on my husband’s lap & falling asleep. When they finally called me back (around 7ish), they asked for my date of birth & took my vitals, my temperature was at 101. They put me in my own little room & hooked me up to an IV to get fluids because I was really dehydrated. They also gave medicine for nausea. As my temperature was going down, I had like seven or eight seizures (it got really bad). They ran a flu test & it came back positive, but all they could really do was give me medicine for that & send me home.

When I finally got back home, despite the medicine I was taking, my symptoms just got worse & worse. The weaknesses turned into a loss of balance & then not being able to walk at all. The headaches turn into slurred speech. I still couldn’t keep anything down & my fever was still pretty high.

I had two visits to the emergency room and the next one would end up being a longer stay than just a night…

Until next time,


Taylor Montes- The Comeback Girl 💜


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