Happy New Years Y’all 💥

Despite everything that’s happened to me this year, God has shown me just how amazing He has been to me throughout the year!! Here are just a couple reasons why:

1. He gave me another chance at life! At the beginning of this year, my cerebellum (the part of my brain that controls all of my motor skills) was so swollen, the doctors were planning my death. Once they realized that the steroids they were giving me were helping the swelling, they went from my death to me having brain surgery to reduce the swelling even further. Now, one year later, I like to think of myself as a walking, talking miracle (glory to God)!

2. My marriage grew stronger than I could ever even imagine! Although we’ve only been married for a little over a year, my husband has been absolutely amazing through all of this! I’ve never met someone so understanding in my life. So if you’re reading this baby, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

3. My relationship with my mama grew unimaginably. I never in my life thought I’d ever be closer to my mom than I once was but now, all I can say is wow. At 23 years old, I’m not ashamed at all to say my mom is my very best friend! Mom, if you’re reading this, never ever forget how much I love you & how grateful I am for you!

4. Last but certainly not least, I’ve met the most amazing people through all of this. Even though it was under the worst circumstances, God gave me the best therapists & nurses in the whole world! I’ll be forever grateful for y’all & I just wanna say thank y’all. I couldn’t have done any of this without y’all!

Although 2018 was a year full of emence struggles, I believe that 2019 will be a year full of great triumphs! & never ever forget how amazing God is, no matter what you’re going through.

Until next time,


Taylor Montes- The Comeback Girl


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