Hospital stay in Odessa- The Comeback 💪🏼

So I just wanted to let y’all know, due to the swelling in my brain, there’s like a month that I don’t remember so my husband will be writing these next couple of blogs. So here goes.

Hey guys,

First I want to thank all of you for supporting my wife in her journey back from a rough situation. It not only means the world to us but its so encouraging to see how many people love the great personality my wife is.

So the part of her experience I’m going to share is difficult for me to recollect because I’ve spent a year trying to forget it. My wife is the strongest person I know and this part will show you what she had to overcome and how bad it got before it got better. So lets begin.

We spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital in Odessa, Texas. That was the most exhausting time for her mom and I because she was so agitated due to the swelling in her brain, she kept trying to pull her IVs out and she didn’t understand that she couldn’t walk and she kept trying to get out of the bed and she didn’t sleep at night because of the steroids they had her on so we had to CONSTANTLY keep an eye on her. She even got down to 95 pounds. One time they even had to put an IV in her neck and she yanked it out (blood everywhere) 😭

They started running tests on her to figure out what was going on (CAT scans, MRIs, Spinal Taps and lots and lots of bloodwork). Finally, after all of the tests, they came to the conclusion that it was the h1n1 flu and a post viral infection from the flu settled in her brain and caused all the swelling.

That’s when they started her on steroids. They were scared that they were going to have to do brain surgery to relieve the pressure on the brain from all the swelling. But they could tell from CAT scans that the steroids were slowly reducing the swelling in the brain so they kept her on those and decided brain surgery wasn’t necessary.

At that point, the doctors in Odessa couldn’t do anything else for her so they transferred her by ambulance to Lubbock, Texas. Although things we getting better there, things we still really difficult.


5 thoughts on “Hospital stay in Odessa- The Comeback 💪🏼

  1. Becky Vines says:

    Sadly I know that that was just the beginning of her long journey! I’m so proud of how far she has come through faith and determination Taylor can do anything!! Love you both!

    Liked by 1 person

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